ist eine Marke der LSH
ist eine Marke der LSH

First international subsidiary: Milford Tee Austria

The company has oriented itself to the guiding principle of “Healthy enjoyment for a healthy life” and has been consistently committed to serving the current needs and preferences of Austrians. Natural goodness, sustainability and fine flavours serve as the foundations of Milford Tee Austria.


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Over 150 Years of Tea Experience

Milford Tee Austria can draw on over 150 years of experience gathered by the parent company and its tea brands. A high level of quality and comprehensive know-how round out the factors for success. Orientation towards the needs of the people is one of the company’s most important success factors, which is essential to being able to continually ensure success throughout Europe. Safe, high-quality products paired with the tradition and innovation of a trusted company lead to market success, while responsibility and trust, strong personal commitment as well as years of experience and the courage to change are the most important company values.


Establishment of Milford Tee Austria


Move from the Innsbruck location to Hall in Tirol


Introduction of the brand MILFORD Früchtetraum (Fruit Dream)


First provider of fruit-flavoured tea in tea bags


Introduction of the Meßmer premium brand into Austria


Meßmer brings the first double-chamber tea bag without a metal staple into the market


Repositioning and launch of the Meßmer brand


Move from Hall in Tirol to Vienna


Milford Tee Austria Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Postgasse 11 / Top 17
1010 Wien · Austria
Telephone +43 1 8900654-0

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