ist eine Marke der LSH

Commitment is part of our DNA

For us, responsibility begins with the people in the countries where the raw ingredients for our products are cultivated. For example, OTG, our largest subsidiary, focuses on strong partnerships at the tea's place of origin and improves the living and working conditions of the local people through concrete projects. Furthermore, we and our owners also place great importance on supporting the people in our region. Therefore, we promote concrete projects that support those in need, offer young people opportunities, and strengthen economic initiatives.

Spethmann Stiftung

Established by Laurens Spethmann, the LSH’s founder, the foundation supports child and youth welfare, care for the elderly and public health services.

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Zukunft durch Ausbildung

Providing prospects to those people looking for an apprenticeship position but having difficulties in the job market – that is the objective of the project “Zukunft durch Ausbildung” (“Training for the Future”).

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Projects at the place of origin

It is particularly dear to our hearts to support the people in the countries from which our raw materials originate. We help the people and their families in the growing regions through local projects at the source.

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Association activity

Our employees contribute to advancing safety standards and shaping trends long-term through their work in industry associations.

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Turniergesellschaft Luhmühlen

Luhmühlen is a globally renowned venue for equestrian eventing. With the Meßmer brand, we support eventing at this picturesque location in the Lüneburg Heath area.

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Der Club an der Alster

Der Club an der Alster e.V. in Hamburg unites high-performance sports with recreational sports. As the main sponsor of this sports club, we support competitive and popular sports with our Meßmer tea brand.

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