ist eine Marke der LSH

We take care of our environment

Environmental and climate protection are important to us. We want to preserve resources, utilise environmentally friendly energy, and minimise our energy consumption. We strive to lower CO2 emissions, avoid waste, and achieve ecological logistics. For example, we record our greenhouse gas emissions so we can continually monitor the increased energy requirements resulting from being a company that is constantly expanding through the addition of new locations. Furthermore, all LSH divisions are required to conserve resources, and all our domestic energy consumption points receive 100 per cent green electricity from entirely renewable energy sources.   

Since 2016, our largest subsidiary, OTG, has published its own sustainability report to illustrate its own advancements and identify potential for improvement. One measure OTG has undertaken since 2010 is to regularly ascertain a Corporate Carbon Footprint, from which short- and mid-term goals and necessary steps can be determined. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by around half. Furthermore, there are numerous projects in which experts debate how to design the packaging materials we use to be more sustainable long-term. Subsequently, the pyramid tea bag material has been changed from nylon to the renewable raw material PLA, which originates from corn starch.  

Corn is also the basis for Plant Pack – a sustainable packaging material produced 100 per cent from organic raw materials. For this, we use the large amount of maize grits created as a by-product during Nordgetreide’s corn processing procedures, which is not suitable for use in other food production. The residual product created is a true innovation that protects our environment a little bit better in the future.