ist eine Marke der LSH
ist eine Marke der LSH

Sustainable from start to finish

One product area still relatively new at LSH is sustainable packaging produced by the company Plantera. The basis for this is the residual maize grits that accumulates in large quantities at Nordgetreide yet are unsuitable for further use in food production. They are “puffed” using a well-established process known from cereal production. After adding a natural binding agent, individual moulded items can be created from it.

Plantera can be used as transport packaging for large appliances and furniture, inlays for product packaging, or delivery and transport packaging for food and pharmaceutical products. The material is biodegradable and decomposes within a short time after use. It can therefore be disposed of in its entirety in the organic waste bin or (home) compost.

Sustainable Packaging made from maize grits

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