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Hello! My name is Sabrina Frank. I am completing a co-op degree at the Ostfriesischen Tee Gesellschaft and would like to provide a bit of insight about it.

Speaking of insight, some might wonder how a trainee or a co-op student is actually seen or regarded at the Ostfriesischen Tee Gesellschaft. One hears time and again that in general, first-time employees can be found right at the bottom of the food chain. Their main tasks? Supposedly making coffee and doing filing. But not at the Ostfriesischen Tee Gesellschaft. That is simply just a bunch of hot air, like over a steaming cup of tea. That’s because here the person is front and centre. And for me, that means being seen.

Before I started my training, I had always been very interested in the presentation and distribution of tea products. I was able to continue pursuing these interests during my training programme. However, right at the beginning I made a lot of mistakes. But that’s allowed because no one is born a master and ultimately, practice makes perfect. In our company, just like no tea plant is like another, it is the same with the staff. And that is good. We are a family business in which each and every person makes his or her contribution. With mutual trust, respect, a high level of personal commitment and sense of responsibility, each person – from the trainee to the board member – contributes to the success of the company.

As in every phase of life there are also high points and low points during the training programme. Especially when it isn’t going so well I like having people around who are there for me when I somehow lose a bit of perspective. Through the support of my instructors and mentors, the dialogue with other trainees and through the open communication in general, I learn how to deal with my shortcomings.

At the Ostfriesischen Tee Gesellschaft we are encouraged to think outside the box. In dealing with suppliers, customers or service providers but also, for example, when working at the production facilities of the Laurens Spethmann Holding AG, I learn how colleagues think and act in the other areas of the company. This learning effect serves me well and helps me carry out my own tasks.

I really appreciate the wide-ranging perspectives that I am exposed to in my training. I have already been in many different sections of the company. During the training programme I can witness and participate in the entire process, beginning with an idea right up to the finished product. In this way, the training programme provides me with the specialised knowledge and the experience needed to deliver top performance at the company and it also gives me the courage to develop new ideas.

Perhaps we will be seeing you soon!

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