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Being Seen.

The search for our new staff is always a very exciting journey of discovery for us – a treasure hunt. Armed with curiosity, openness and a great deal of experience we proactively set off to meet new people, strive to establish close contact with our partner schools in the region, support the instruction there with expert assistance, provide coaching in job orientation projects and consultation at job fairs. We are looking for “diamonds in the rough” that we can cut and polish with our expert and personal support, bringing them to shine to their true potential. With a keen eye for talent and an open-minded approach we search among diverse groups of young people for those with abilities and skills that are important for the success of our company. We see young people with their capabilities and unique characteristics, some of which they may not be aware of themselves. Thus it is not a rare occurrence that we advise school students, jointly prepare ideas with them for their professional development and personally stand by them while they are discovering their professional path. What is important to us here is that young people find “their” true job training programme and not simply one that they want to get through. For it is our experience that having the right professional tasks and responsibilities leads to success and satisfaction.

“Haste makes waste...” is an old adage that also applies to recruiting. Sometimes a first contact is made at a fair and we have the chance to see if the person is a fit for us or not – but if school graduation is still far off, what do we do? We keep an eye on these young people, even if it is going to be two or three years until they can possibly be hired. Young people are encouraged to show us their talents and skills and to test things out with us. We offer many internship positions that make this possible. This gives us the opportunity to watch young people from a variety of different perspectives and to actively support their development.

Being seen – that is our objective.

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