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Education Is more than Knowledge and Skills – Five Aspects

1. Education – that is more than just specialised knowledge, abilities and skills. Education also requires a fundamental attitude – the consciousness that one’s own development is a part of personal responsibility that one must accept. Together, both aspects serve as the roots of the vocational training at the LSH.

2. Young people who complete a trainee programme at the LSH and its subsidiaries are entrusted to us. We are conscious of this responsibility and ensure that their potential is able to unfold.

3. Education is not just a non-material or cultural ideal, it also has economic value. Employees contribute it every day and in doing so contribute to the success of the company. Therefore, we consider expenses for education as important investments in the business.

 4. Education also consists of confidence building. In our working atmosphere, which is characterised by style and trust, our employees can tap into their developmental potential much faster, freer and more easily. Here they can discover what potential they have to shape their professional performance.

5. Being a family company also shapes our definition of education. In a family, all members are encouraged and supported – also those who do not have it so easy. Therefore we have our “OTG Zukunft durch Ausbildung GmbH" ("OTG Education for the Future”), which provides training opportunities for people who have been unable to break into the job market.

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