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“Focusing on the Individual”

Focusing on the IndividualLaurens Spethmann was just 23 years old in 1953 when, having just completed his commercial training, he took over the helm of OTG from his grandfather. With his wife Marianne, he succeeded in expanding and developing the company into one of Germany's most thriving tea suppliers. When asked about the secret to his success, Spethmann replied: "Everything transpires between people and their interactions”. In 2001, with this conviction, he and his wife established the “Spethmann Stiftung”. Since then, the foundation has sponsored over 400 projects. The focus is placed on children’s and youth aid as well as supporting people with disabilities, although care of the elderly and numerous other charitable projects are also sponsored. Laurens Spethmann understood the foundation’s work as a way of thanking the region and its people who have always made important contributions to LSH’s success. Today, the chairman of LSH’s supervisory board, Michael Spethmann, is also the foundation’s chairman.

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