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We Start at the Place of Origin

We want to improve the working and living conditions of our employees and the people in our region. Beyond that, it is particularly dear to our hearts to support the people in the countries where we source our raw materials. Our largest subsidiary, OTG, therefore supports the people who grow the tea and their families. OTG has been working with joint partners on diverse projects through specific project work on-site for years. For example, a clean drinking water supply for 5,000 small-scale farmers and their families in Zimbabwe has been secured. Together with the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and UNICEF, OTG is working in one of the world’s most important tea cultivating areas in Assam with the project “Improving Lives”, which directly and indirectly improves the lives of around 250,000 women, girls, and boys. OTG supports additional projects in Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Paraguay. Learn more on OTG’s website.

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