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Our Fundamental Principles

The corporate roof of the Laurens Spethmann Holding rests on solid pillars and a sound foundation. It has already proven itself for over 100 years and has always been a good basis for advancement, change and prudent innovations – in short: a successful combination of tradition and innovation. We direct our actions towards this every day:

  • We are a family business that places its trust in people – in an often impersonal world.
  • We all play our part in the company’s success with confidence in one another, a high degree of personal commitment a strong sense of responsibility.
  • We draw on our experience and have the courage to make changes.
  • We are aware that our customers ultimately determine our corporate success.
  • We concentrate on the essentials and strive to achieve transparency and clarity.
  • With responsibility for our colleagues, our community and the world we live in, we continually strive to improve our market position, customer value and innovative power in the interest of maintaining the independence and well-being of our family business.
Our foundation is oriented to the principles we live by, but above all trust, tolerance, closeness and commitment. Besides our foundation, through our code of conduct we give all our employees orientation about how to deal with difficult issues and decisions, and with our management model we provide all managers with a competency profile to direct them about how to lead in an exemplary manner. 
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