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Commitment to Environmental Protection and Economic Viability

We want to conserve resources, use environmentally friendly energy, lower our CO2 emissions, avoid producing waste and organise our logistics ecologically. For example, we meticulously collect data on our greenhouse gas emissions; this helps us control the increased energy demands created by our site expansions that our steadily growing company faces.

All of our national energy consumption points use 100 percent electricity generated from entirely renewable energy sources. Other resources, such as water, are less of a priority because it is hardly used in the production process.

The LSH, as the parent holding, requires all parts of the company to conserve resources:

In 2017Source of emission
CO2-outputin percent
Scope ICompany cars
1,046. 65 t23.0 %
Heat generation
2,585.24 t56.8 %
Scope IIElectricity consumption
329.76 t7.2 %
Scope IIIShipping (external)123.76 t2.7 %
Rail travel
2.56 t0.1 %
Air travel
137.71 t3.0 %
Hire cars
11.95 t0.3 %
295.80 t6.5 %
Water/effluents18.33 t0.4 %
SumScope I + II3,961.65 t87.0 %
SumScope III590.11 t13.0 %
SumScope I + II + III4,551.76 t100 %

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