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Customer Value Instead of Shareholder Value: Good Customers Are Those Who Are Doing Well

The term customer satisfaction is discussed, written about and researched a great deal. However it is actually really very straightforward: One must simply do everything possible to ensure that those people who one deals with and is responsible for are doing well. The companies of the LSH want to offer people a bit of joy, relaxation and well-being by producing safe and high-quality products. 

To ensure this, we cultivate trustworthy business relationships with our partners. They supply us with excellent raw materials and support us by creating the best product quality, in turn making us satisfied customers of theirs. For us, customers are of course end-consumers, but equally also retail and private label owners, hotels, restaurants and large bulk consumers, industrial partners, b2b business partners and users of our logistic service. The LSH subsidiaries and their departments strive in every way to create customer satisfaction. Because when customer value is right, then shareholder value comes automatically. However, customers only remain loyal when they are offered more advantages. Hence, it is so important to think about customer value.  

Customer satisfaction is not something that is earned once and kept forever. It must be strived for on a daily basis and sometimes even regained. When something goes wrong and a claim has been raised, we react quickly, unbureaucratically and obligingly. A sophisticated system connecting all departments ensures that the positive expectations created by our good reputation are fulfilled as soon as possible. 

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