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Press Archive

The current company- or product-related press releases from the LSH press kit are available here for downloading.

Basic Informations

Basic Information

Current press texts from the press kit can be found here for downloading
Press Photos

Press Photos

Current company- or product-related press photos


Here we offer you videos

Copyright Information

Company- or product-related press releases released by the Laurens Spethmann Holding AG & Co. KG may be used for editorial purposes only. The Laurens Spethmann Holding Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG, its subsidiaries and/or other person(s) specified by name shall remain the owner of all exploitation rights. Corporate and product information used, altered, copied and/or electronically manipulated for editorial purposes must be included in the list of suppliers or credits indicating Laurens Spethmann Holding AG & Co. KG as the source of information.

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