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110 Years of Enjoyment, Innovation and Humanity

With our products, we want to bring joy, relaxation, and well-being to our consumers every day. “Healthy Enjoyment for a Healthy Life” – that is what motivates us. Be it nuts, bars, or cereals, we are a reliable partner in each of our product areas and offer individual solutions to ensure the success of our customers. 

At our core, we are a family company with a long-standing tradition. However, this does not mean that we rest on our laurels. On the contrary: we want to promote change actively and always strive to discover new facets and segments in our product areas. For this, the people make the difference, whether they are part of our own company or the supply chain. Our business relationships are characterised by trust and mutual respect. 

LSH – synonymous for 110 years of enjoyment, innovation, and humanity.

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