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Organic Bars and Snacks with that Certain Something: Schock

LSH has been a majority shareholder in Schock GmbH since 2021. For over 60 years, the company has stood for the highest quality standards in private label bars and snacks made from oats and nuts. Whether vegan, high protein, gluten-free, lactose-free, energy, reduced sugar, superfoods, or paleo – the company excites with innovations, creativity, and passion for its products.

In line with LSH’s aspiration to offer healthy enjoyment for a healthy life, Schock GmbH exclusively uses natural products – without any aromas, additives, or auxiliary ingredients. With its strong position in Germany’s B2B snack bar market coupled with yearlong expertise in the organic sector, Schock GmbH perfectly complements LSH’s product areas.

Schock GmbH · Teinacher Straße 36 · 71634 Ludwigsburg · Germany
Phone +49 7141 14141-0

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