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Medicinal Tea Specialist: KRÄUTERHAUS WILD (KHW)

In the LSH family of companies, KHW specialises in producing medicinal teas. The company tradition stretches back to 1852. Today the company is one of the largest medicinal tea producers in Europe. Quality control designed specifically for medicinal teas, starting with the purchase of raw ingredients and ending with final production, ensures gentle yet effective processing of the raw ingredients while surpassing the stringent legal regulations for the production of medicines. Based in Grettstadt and with direct access to a fully-automatic high-bay warehouse, KHW has an optimal logistic position. We supply customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, double-chamber tea bags for brand-name products and private labels are produced at this location.

KRÄUTERHAUS WILD GmbH & Co. KG · Meßmerstraße 29 · 97508 Grettstadt · Germany
Phone +49 9729 9110-0 · Fax +49 9729 9110-50

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