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Multifaceted Enjoyment: LSH’s Product Areas

“Healthy Enjoyment for a Healthy Life” is the leitmotif that connects all product areas. Tea has been the focus and the core business from the outset. The largest tea subsidiary is Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft.

Muesli bars, fruit bars, classic sweeteners and sugar alternatives are sold by the subsidiary Nutrisun, which also operates throughout Europe and has its own successful brand, HUXOL. The MEDIN production facilities, which also belong to LSH, produce what Nutrisun markets. In addition, LSH is a majority shareholder in the snack bar specialist Schock GmbH.

The Lübeck-based company Nordgetreide, in which LSH is also a shareholder, is responsible for the product area of cereals and produces high-quality milled products as well as industrial cereals and breakfast cereals.

LSH is also a shareholder in Plant Pack, thereby establishing a new product area beyond food. It produces sustainable packaging made of residual maize grits and contributes significantly to avoiding packaging made from raw fossil materials, such as styrofoam.

LSH is also a shareholder in fruitwork, whose subsidiary is nutwork – one of the leading suppliers of nuts and dried fruit for the largest supermarkets in Germany and Europe.

LSH’s companies produce around eight billion tea bags of black, green, fruit, and herbal teas annually, in addition to loose teas.

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