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Healthy – and Delicious too: The Product Areas of the LSH

“Good, Healthy, Tasty” is the motto that interconnects all product areas. The focus and the main area of business has always been the product area of tea. The largest subsidiary is the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft.

 Classic sweeteners and sweeteners made from Stevia, muesli bars and fruit bars are sold by the subsidiary Nutrisun, which also operates throughout Europe and has its own successful brand, HUXOL. 

The Lübeck-based company Nordgetreide, in which the LSH is a shareholder, is responsible for the product area of cereals. It produces high-quality mill products, industrial  cereals and breakfast cereals, such as Cornflakes.

10 billion tea bags of black, green, fruit as well as herbal teas are produced annually by companies belonging to the LSH. Loose tea is produced as well.

Nutrisun was founded in 2007, exactly 100 years after the founding of the Ostfriesischen Tee Gesellschaft (OTG).