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Laurens Janssen establishes Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft, OTG.


Laurens Spethmann, the grandson of the company’s founder, steers the company together with his wife Marianne from being a classic tea importer to a tea distributor.


With the launch of the MILFORD brand, the private label producer OTG also becomes a brand name company.


Internationalisation begins with the acquisition of Grosch Tee, Austria (later named Milford Tee Austria).


The acquisition of HUXOL-Teegesellschaft gives the company a new product market.


HUXOL buys the Veelmann production plant in Bad Salzuflen, giving the company a second market with the Veelmann brand for people with diabetes and the health-food brand HUXOL.


OTG purchases the MEDIN food manufacturing plant in Faulbach. Jochen and Michael Spethmann join the company.


The East Frisian tea company OnnO Behrends, in Norden, becomes part of OTG.


OTG purchases the tea distributor Ludwig Schwarz in Buchholz (later Milford Tea).


Meßmer, located in Frankfurt am Main and Grettstadt, becomes part of OTG.


OTG acquires the French company PAGÈS and establishes OTG Lager- und Frachtkontor GmbH, in Buchholz.


Jochen, Michael, and Lauren – the family’s fourth generation – purchase the LSH shares from their parents. Subsequently, Jochen and Michael take over the management of the company.


LSH acquires a 50 per cent share in Nordgetreide cereal manufacturers of Lübeck, with further locations in Falkenhagen and Überherrn.


OTG celebrates its 100th anniversary. Nutrisun is founded in the same year,


The corporate headquarters located in Seevetal are rebuilt.


The new warehouse OTG Lager- und Frachtkontor Süd in Grettstadt is officially unveiled.


Michael and Jochen Spethmann move from LSH’s executive board to the supervisory board and hand over the company’s management to an externally recruited manager for the first time.


LSH becomes a shareholder in the nut and dried fruit specialist fruitwork with its well-known subsidiary nutwork.


Anna and Sara Spethmann from the family’s fifth generation join the company.


LSH becomes a majority shareholder in Schock GmbH. For over 60 years, the company has stood for the highest quality standards in private label bars and snacks made from oats and nuts.


Plant Pack is established to produce sustainable packaging from maize grits.


For 110 years, OTG has created a tea culture that connects people. And it remains – in addition to 13 other subsidiaries and shareholdings – LSH’s largest subsidiary. Throughout OTG's long journey to LSH, its 25th anniversary and beyond, it has become clear that only change is constant. And that is why LSH continues to build on tradition and innovation and has the courage to constantly drive change forward. With its brands and products, the company continues to bring daily joy, relaxation, and well-being to its consumers.

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