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Customer Value is More Important than Shareholder Value

The LSH belongs to the Top 300 of the two million German family companies, 95 percent of which are owner operated, as is the LSH. With 57.3 percent of all socially-insured employees and 42 percent of turnover, family companies generate around half of Germany’s gross domestic product. We are proud to belong to this group of top performers that is so economically important.

From our perspective, a family company stands for certain values: On the one hand, there is great freedom – decisions, for example, are not subject to voting by shareholders. On the other hand, there are closer bonds. For example, at the LSH this creates a solidarity that develops from within the company, a great sense of community, commitment and dedication – also for the families of our employees, proven cooperation with business partners that stretches over years and sometimes even generations, long-running and fair partnerships throughout our entire supply chain, good mutual trust with the customers and close bonds to the region. And the will to perform. 

When we say that customer value is more important than shareholder value, we are expressing the fact that we are aware that customers determine our company’s success, that we recognise the challenges our customers face and meet these better than others and that we have to offer our customers a special advantage.

Such consistent commitment to the customer shapes the entire company culture: from the quality policy to the resource-saving sustainability strategies, from employee development to customer service, from high-tech innovations to social projects. When customer value is right, then shareholder value comes automatically. 

At the LSH, it is said that people make the difference. This means who decides to choose us and what is thereby achieved by us and with us. Trust, respect, tolerance, style and a high degree of motivation serve as the foundation. Each and every one of the 1,130 employees across Europe who belongs to the employee family brings his or her skills to the task of providing safe and high-quality products that contribute to the daily joy, relaxation and well-being of our customers. “With responsibility for ourselves, our community and the world we live in”. And that for more than 100 years already, currently in the 4th generation and with legitimate hope for good future development.