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Private Labels Require Extensive Experience

Before Laurens Spethmann, the grandson of the company’s founder, brought his own MILFORD brand onto the market in 1966 and later took over the brand Meßmer as well, he had already been producing private label products for the retail sector. The LSH is one of the pioneers in this product category. As a result, there was already a wealth of experience available in the areas of capital-intensive retail business, long-established structures, strategic thinking and service know-how before the retail sector developed dynamically with the rise of the discounters. This experience quickly paid off in the newly added product areas such as sweeteners, snack bars and cereals as well as in the expanded private label business. This familiarity with the specific requirements of the retail business, both within Germany and internationally, the individual sales markets, the professional management and the modern production facilities make the LSH today more than ever one of the most sought-after producers of private labels as a single-source service provider.

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